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GreenMap :

Help and Support

If you are interested in using the GreenMap software and would like to discuss your project with the developers, would like help setting up an installation or would like to support the project, please contact miketonks [at]

If you have downloaded the software and need some technical support, want to discuss customisation issues or possible feature developments, please use the forums on to post your issues.


1) Download and unpack the application using tar (7zip or WinZip on Windows)

2) Create a database and a database user, and apply the schema from /database/postgres.sql. Edit the file to include the database name and login details.

3) Customise the settings in to match your installation.

4) Try to access the new site in a web browser and take note of any errors from the Apache log file. Initial errors are likely to relate to CPAN modules that need to be installed.

5) Edit the files and styles.css to suit the look at feel of your site, or to fit your pre-designed html template.


Any offers of help with documentation would be greatly received.