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GreenMap :


  • Map Browser: Navigate around the map using left, right, up, down, zoom. Base map sections are automatically cut and rendered as required
  • GoogleMaps Plugin: Optionally use GoogleMaps instead of a graphical base map (which may be subject to licensing costs
  • Add Locations to the Map: Users can add their own locations and content
  • Green Map Icons: Pre Loaded with the green map icons to categorise your locations
  • Media Uploads: Upload images, audio of video files and attach them to locations on the map
  • Common Names: Give locations additional common names to represent local culture or alternative place names
  • Add Stories: Users can add stories to a location to give their personal account or knowledge
  • User Registration System: Users can create an account to allow them to list and edit locations they have added
  • Personal Maps: Users can create their own personal maps from locations they have added
  • Administration: Built in content management and location administration
  • Moderation System: User content can be moderated before it is published to the website
  • Icon Admin: Edit / Upload Icons and category descriptions