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GreenMap :

About The Project

The GreenMap software started out as a project to create the ideal website system for creating community based maps of green and environmental issues, based on the ideas at

"Green Map System is a global eco-cultural movement, energized by local knowledge, action and responsibility." [from]

Quite simply, the software allows locations to be added onto the map, which are stored in a database behind the scenes. Information and media files can be added to a location, along with an icons from the GreenMap icons. Icons and categories can easily be altered or replaced for other purposes such as tourism, wildlife, or whatever you want. For a full list of features see the features page.

Some initial funding was made available by GreenBristol, a community group in Bristol UK, who received money for developing the green map idea in areas targeted by the "New Deal for Communities" scheme. The idea of open source seemed to fit well with the green mapping idea, and the sourceforge project was born.

The Bristol pilot project was a big success, but due to licensing costs with the map data, the website had to be taken down. GreenBristol failed to secure stage 2 funding, which would have seen the map expand to cover the city, and the project was left hanging for a while.

In the mean time, web services such as Google Maps have made map information much more readily available. Development is underway to add Google Maps functionality into the GreenMap software, to allow mapping groups to create their map without needing to lease or purchase base map data. I am also adding in mysql support, to increase the hosting options available.

The GreenMap software is written in Perl. Initially the database was limited to Postgresql because it provides geospatial functions but in reality the data requirements are fairly basic and I'm working on MySql compatibility for the next release.

The GreenMap software is released under the GPL Free Software License.

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Mike Tonks May 2007.